Kühlschrank 'Kool' Ratticus

Ace Pilot Ysoki Mechanic


Lvl 2 Mechanic
Specialization: Exocortex
“Time to punch it!”

Space Common
others… need sheet

Proficient with small arms, longarms, basic melee, muthafuckin grenades!
Heavy armor

Azimuth Lazer Pistol
Needle pistol
second skin armor

Amazon wish list:
Pistol that deals more than 1d4 lol

exocortex mechanic
(when doing character creation, if the Datajack augment is different than what you get, you can have for free, the basic one).

Also wondering how you would like to play your AI in the exocortex. So you got shot in the head and the Kasathas added it in, but you can still get to do the “upgrade” to AI part, and then wondering if you want interactions with the AI, or if you want to play that as well and have it talk through computers to other players.

Your innate skills with ships seems to have transferred over to these new vehicles, and the controls just make sense to you. Your interested in trying out any vehicle you can get your hands on.


Add Bio here, give me history/motivation


Kühlschrank 'Kool' Ratticus

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